1. … to yours grinding up against my muse
  2. … to yours moaning my muse’s name
  3. … to yours stripping off
  4. … to yours sexting my muse
  5. … to yours giving my muse a strip tease
  6. … to yours giving my muse a lap dance
  7. … to yours being drenched whilst wearing white
  8. … to yours leaping into my muse’s arms
  9. … to yours confessing a fetish
  10. … to yours pinning my muse against a wall
  11. … to yours trying to turn my muse on
  12. … to yours successfully turning my muse on
  13. … to yours turning my muse off
  14. … to yours tying up my muse
  15. … to yours spanking my muse
  16. … to yours having some “private time” and mine accidentally walking in
  17. … to yours having a “friend” over and mine accidentally interrupting
  18. … to yours flashing my muse
  19. … to yours having a wet dream and calling my muse’s name during it
  20. … to yours bending over seductively to pick something up for my muse
  21. … to yours leaving hickeys on my muse’s neck
  22. … to yours trying to play footsie with mine during a meeting
  23. … to yours trying to go down on mine, under the table, during dinner

Make 'Em Confess! [Questions Meme]
  • Blush: What's something embarrassing you've done in front of a crush or someone you were trying to impress?
  • Boo!: What startles you?
  • Oops!: What's something embarrassing you've done in public?
  • Gone: Ever thought of running away? If you did, where would you go?
  • Lie to Me: What's a time you've lied?
  • Broken: What's been your lowest point?
  • Wings: What's a fantasy or wish of yours?
  • Kick the Bucket: Name two things on your "bucket list."
  • Talent: Do you have any strange talents or skills you've learned but never really had a use for?
  • Sing It!: What's a song or song genre that you like but don't often tell people you do?
  • Red Handed: What's one of your guilty pleasures?
  • Psych!: How gullible are you? Have you ever been pranked or playfully fooled?
  • Scared?: What's an irrational fear or phobia of yours?
  • Scarred: What's a part of or about you that you're insecure about?
  • Squirm: What's a topic that always makes you feel awkward when it gets brought up?
  • Mirror Mirror: How have other people admitted to seeing you? What impression do others say that they have about you or when they first met you?
  • Story Time: Tell a story about something you did or something that has happened to you within the last 24 hours.

Your Muse comes into mine’s house to hang out, only to find that the place has been robbed and the robbers left my muse bleeding on the floor. Send me your reaction.


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Send me ‡ for my character’s reaction to yours climbing into bed with mine.

Send me a ♫ and I’ll shuffle my music. For whatever song comes up first, I’ll write a short drabble about our muses inspired by that song, for the duration of the song. I must stop writing and post as soon as it ends, no matter where in the drabble I currently am.


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For every ♪ in my inbox I’ll post a song I listen to for character inspiration.


And I may also briefly state why.

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Put “Is this you?” in my askbox and my character will respond to yours finding an old picture of them!


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mermaids don’t have thigh gaps but they can still lure men to their deaths